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About Us

We would like to introduce ourselves as a leading manufacturers and importer of Commercial Kitchen, Catering, Bakery, Food Service Equipment.

Our scope of work constitutes preparing of Shop Drawings after the receipt of order and starting the fabrication, only after its approval. The goods are dispatched after the final inspection by the client’s representative at our works in Delhi. We have separate fully dedicated team for Installation, Testing and Commissioning, which we send after the confirmation of site readiness from the site office.

As we are having the full fledged team of technical staff & we can depute them any where to look into the problems and get it sorted out there and then. Our technicians are fully equipped with the spare parts as per any defects informed to us.

The parts, which we use in fabrication of equipment, are of reputed make such as Burner of United Works, Motors of Crompton Greeves, Heating Elements of Telelec/ Theeta, Compressors of Kirloskar Copeland etc. As all these parts are from reputed make the availability & replacement can be done on short notice.

We further inform you that we have three independent manufacturing units in Delhi, complete with machinery, tools and fixtures. We are confident to meet all the requirement of your commercial kitchen. For any special customized requirements, please feel free to contact us.

Let it be assured that we shall keep you spellbound through the promptitude of our services and quality products.

We reverse the right to change or modify the design and specification in tune with new technology developments for better performance.
Limitation and copying of the products displayed in the brochure / design is illegal and amounts to infringement ot its coyright which attracts civil and criminal action.